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Top 5 Best Music Apps

Music makes you feel relaxed and excited. Technology has made it possible for you to listen to music anywhere you are through your Smartphone, iPhone, tablet or iPad. Listening to the same music for a long time can become boring; to avoid this, you need to get new music. If you are a music lover and you are always looking out for new music tracks, you can easily get updates of newly released music through an app in your device.

Software developers have come up with different apps that can alert you when a new song is released. Here are several music apps that can help you know the newly released tracks.


This music app allows you to share your favorite music for free. This music app automatically synchronizes your favorite music and lets you share it with your friends across the globe. You can be able to find out the trending songs in different region.


Soundrop music app consists of different categories that contain music of the most popular songs from a particular genre.  You can also get other categories based on by your favorite artists. The app also allows you to join the Soundrop chat rooms and make new friends who share the same interests in music as yours.


It is one of the most popular music app. Pandora app only plays only your favorite music. The app lets you to create personalized radio stations by signing into their account and listen to these stations on the web or on the TV. You can get very rare music recordings ranging to the old school tracks to the new released tracks.


The app allows you to creating playlists organized by activity, genre, decade and mood making it easier to get the right kind of music for the right moments. You can save and share your favorite playlists on social media platforms such as Facebook, Twitter and other social networks.

TuneIn Radio

This music app makes it possible for you to listen to different radio stations around the world through your Smartphone. The app gives you access to about 70,000 live radio stations, and 2 million podcasts. TuneIn radio also allows you to log into the tunein website to listen to your favorite music.


SoundHound app identifies music snippets playing and selects the song for you. The app allows you to buy songs and even see their lyrics. With this app, you do not have to recall the title or even the artist of the song; the app recognizes and identifies a song by even humming the song. You can easily get the latest song streams and songs by new artists through your Smartphone.

There are numerous other music apps available in the market today such as Spotify, Twitter #Music amongst others that can assist you discover new music fast. With great music apps like the ones above, you can discover new songs and share the songs you like on social networking sites so that your friends can listen to the songs.

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