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Guide to Choosing the best Computer Repair Services

compter repair

Identifying the best computer repair services should not be a tough task; however, the availability of many computer repairing service providers has made it challenging for one to identify the best service provider that will suit your needs and one that is effective and efficient. Having an effective and efficient computer repair service provider can be beneficial especially in an office set up. Factors to Consider When looking for an ideal computer repair service provider, there are several factors that you should put into consideration. The first factor to consider is the number of computer of devices that you have in your office. You might find that hiring a computer repair service company will be for expensive as opposed to ... Read More »

How Technology has Improved Human Health

Human Image

There has been a rise in technology use in the healthcare sector in the past years. The rise in technology use in the healthcare field is as a result of possible solutions of making the patients’ life easier with the help of technology. Different inventions have been made to help increase the efficiency of healthcare services and reliability of diagnoses. Many people today are aware of their health status, different health problems and preventive measures to keep health and fit. Technology Used in Healthcare Improvement These technology inventions not only help to provide efficient diagnosis but also help doctors provide better treatment and care to patients. Below are some of the ways in which technology is being used to improve ... Read More »

Top 5 Best Music Apps

Top Apps

Music makes you feel relaxed and excited. Technology has made it possible for you to listen to music anywhere you are through your Smartphone, iPhone, tablet or iPad. Listening to the same music for a long time can become boring; to avoid this, you need to get new music. If you are a music lover and you are always looking out for new music tracks, you can easily get updates of newly released music through an app in your device. Software developers have come up with different apps that can alert you when a new song is released. Here are several music apps that can help you know the newly released tracks. Soundwave This music app allows you to share ... Read More »

How to Remove Virus from a Laptop


Having a virus in your laptop can cause your computer to become slow and can also lead to lose of important information contained in your computer. Losing important information or having some of your files corrupted and your laptop becoming slow are not the only signs that your laptop has some virus. Other signs of a virus in your laptop include; strange pop-ups or web browser redirections, program failure or strange errors amongst other signs. Getting Rid of Virus in a Laptop There are several ways in which you can get rid of virus in your laptop. Here are several ways in which you can get rid of a virus in your laptop. Run a Virus-Scanner then Use an Antivirus ... Read More »

How to Fix a Broken Laptop Screen

Laptop Screen

A laptop allows you to carry your work and work from anywhere. You can also enjoy listening to music and even enjoy watching a great movie through your laptop. A laptop is thus an important device that helps you store important information and acts as a great source of entertainment. Moving with your laptop from one place to another puts your device at risk of being stolen, getting lost or even getting damaged. The screen of the laptop is the most sensitive part of the laptop. Dropping the laptop might result to cracking or breaking of the laptop screen. Fixing a Broken Laptop Screen When the screen of the laptop is broken you have several options to help solve the ... Read More »

How to Speed up a Laptop

laptop speed

Having a slow laptop not only wastes much of your time but can also be so frustrating. There are several reasons that can cause your laptop to become slow. To be able to solve the problem and speed up a laptop, you need to understand the reasons that cause a laptop to become slow. Reasons for a Slower Laptop and their Solutions There are several reasons as to why a laptop becomes slow. To determine the right solution to speeding your laptop, you need to know the problem with your laptop. The first question you need to ask yourself is how old your laptop is. An old laptop may have many problems that may cause the laptop to become slow. ... Read More »

How to Connect a Laptop to a Monitor


Connecting a laptop to a monitor allows you to have a large outlook of the work on your laptop. Connecting the laptop with a monitor can help you enjoy watching a movie found in your laptop. The screen of a laptop is smaller and it may not give you a good view of the movie or the work you are doing on your laptop. The process of connecting a laptop to a monitor is not difficult and it does not require you to have any technical skills to do so. All laptops have a VGA port or a DVI port. The VGA port has 15 pins while the DVI port has 24 pins, either if these ports can be used ... Read More »

Deleting Browser History on Android Phone

delete browser history

Despite the fact that a phone is a personal item, there may be reasons as to why you would not want someone to see the websites that you have been visiting. There are many reasons as to why you would want to delete the browsing history of your android phone. Whatever your reason for deleting the browsing history on your android phone is, deleting the browsing history on android is not a challenging task as most people tend to think. Steps of Deleting Browsing History on Android Phone The steps involved in deleting the browsing history on your android phone vary with the type of browser installed on your android phone. There are five most popular browsers used in android. ... Read More »

How to Backup Android Phone

android backup

Using your android phone to store all your important information can be great since it is easy and quick to access the information wherever you are; nevertheless, there are some challenges that are associated with storing all your important information in your android phone. The main challenge associated with storing important information on your android phone is losing the information in the event the phone gets lost or even becomes faulty. If you like to store some of the important information such as important contacts, photos and other such information on your phone and would not want to lose the data, you need to backup your android phone. Methods of Android Backup So as to spread the risk of losing ... Read More »

How to Update Android Smartphone OS


Upgrading the OS of your android Smartphone or tablet to the latest version makes it possible for you to have the latest features on your device. Android operating system consists of many versions that have numerous interesting features. Depending on the brand of your Smartphone or tablet, the latest upgrade versions of operating system are usually available over-the-air thus you do not have to use cables and a desktop PC to upgrade the OS of your android phone. The procedures of upgrading the operating system of an android device may vary between different devices depend on the brand of the device and the android operating system you want to upgrade your device to. Steps of Upgrading the Operating System of ... Read More »

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