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How Technology has Improved Human Health

There has been a rise in technology use in the healthcare sector in the past years. The rise in technology use in the healthcare field is as a result of possible solutions of making the patients’ life easier with the help of technology. Different inventions have been made to help increase the efficiency of healthcare services and reliability of diagnoses. Many people today are aware of their health status, different health problems and preventive measures to keep health and fit.

Technology Used in Healthcare Improvement

These technology inventions not only help to provide efficient diagnosis but also help doctors provide better treatment and care to patients. Below are some of the ways in which technology is being used to improve healthcare.

The Artificial Retina Technology

This technology is also referred to as bionic eye and involves the repair of damaged retina of the patient’s eyes using a microelectrode array. This technology uses an ‘Argus II Retinal Prosthesis System’ which comes fitted with a video camera which is connected to the damaged retina of the patient’s eyes by means of a microelectrode array.

Healthcare and Fitness Apps

Smartphones are playing a great role on improving health and fitness of individuals. This has been made possible with the help of different healthcare apps that are available in the internet. People can access different health related information and services through the healthcare apps. Patients are able to contact their doctors, request for appointment and get medical report amongst other services without having to go physically to the doctor’s office.

Taking Samples in Vivo

This technology involves the study the microbiological composition of the small intestine in a non-invasive way. Doctors can be able to study the processes and reactions that take place in the small intestine when different kinds of food are taken by patients and affect their health. The technology involves the use of an electronically-controlled pill. The pill travels through the body of the patient and measures the temperature and the pH of the small intestines so as to help the doctor made the right diagnosis.

Huggable Robotic Bear

The huggable robotic bear is a device designed to be the patient’s companion that provides the patient’s behavioral statistics to the doctors. The information gotten helps the doctors take good care of the patient. This technology is commonly used in pediatric care. Most children tend to suffer from anxiety and restlessness when they are admitted to the hospital, the huggable robotic bear helps to provide emotional support to the child and at the same time gather data relating to the patient’s behavior.

Another common technology that is used today is the use of artificial organs to help restore specific body functions that had been impaired by the destruction of an organ in the body. Technology has greatly benefited the healthcare field by ensuring that patients get the care and treatment that they need and also create an ideal environment to help patients recover quickly.  As technology continues to advance, more discoveries and inventions are being made to improve human healthcare.

Photo Credit : Hikmet Gümüş

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