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Emerging Trends in Health Sciences

As we continue to advance in technology, new discoveries and inventions are being made to help improve life. Technology has had both positive and negative impact on our lives today. One of the many positive effects of technology is the improvement of health care. Every year, the department of health science has been doing research and making new discoveries to help improve the treatment of human diseases.

Trends in Health Science

There are a number of emerging trend in the world of health science that may result in efficient and effective ways to treat and prevent some of human diseases. Here are some of the emerging trends in health science.

Cancer Immunotherapy

Cancer has become one of the human treats in the recent past. Many people have lost their lives due to cancer. Despite the discoveries of different ways to treat cancer, none of the ways used have been able to provide satisfactory results. Instead of focusing on treating an already existing disease, doctors and health science researchers are making effort to come up with an immunization that can help in combating cancer cells. Researchers have been able to come up with receptors expressed on immune system cells, such as CTLA4 and PD-1 that stops the immune response thus increase the patient’s immunity.

Cell Therapy

Cell mutation is one of the main causes of most human diseases, human disease researchers have been working to come up with a solution for cell mutation so as to help cure and prevent different diseases. Cell therapy is one of the ways in which cell mutation can be combated. Cell therapy refers to successfully delivering repaired genes into cells has been a formidable challenge by an infection. Through several researches, researchers have discovered induced pluripotent stem cells or iPS cells which have been used to correct defective genes. This brings so much hope of being able to treat and prevent different diseases in future.

Data-Rich Wearable Medical Devices

Wearable medical devices have been there but they have not played any important role in helping the paramedics treat the patients due to the fact that the wearable medical devices in the market are not data-rich and can thus not tells doctors what they really need to know about their patients when they need to know it. The Centre for Digital Health Innovation (CDHI) is working on coming up with data-rich wearable medical devices such as wearable heart rate monitors that can collect clinically usable data on heart signals of the patients. This will help the doctor know when and how to induce treatment on the patient.

Other trends in health science include human Microbiome and creation of patient-centered medical homes. The above are some of the emerging trends in the field of health science. Success in any of this trends and inventions may result into better health care and reduction of mortality. Most of these inventions have not yet been introduced in the medical field but they may soon start to be implemented in hospitals and health centers.

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