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Top 5 Places to Buy Music Online

The internet is a great source of great music on any genre; however, the internet is big and full of so many sources of music. If you do not know where to look for music, you can spend so much time online without getting the music that you want. There are many online music stores that offer a large variety of songs at a fair price. To assist you easily and quickly get the music that you want, here are some of the best places to buy music online.

Amazon MP3

Amazon MP3 is popular with most Apple’s music store and offers great deals for its customers. You can get music from all popular genres here at a cheaper price as compared to purchasing the music DVDs. The website also has an Amazon Downloader app that helps you access the store from your computer.  The best thing abut this music website is that the music tracks you purchase from the store can be easily transferred on to the Amazon Cloud Drive for free.

ITunes Store

The iTunes store contains millions of tracks with no restriction on playing or copying (DRM-free). This website is the most popular online music store that has sold millions of songs since it was launched. It is one of the most updated stores on the Internet and is the most probable place you can get the latest albums finding their way to it within hours of their release. The website is well organized and is thus easy to access music. You can also get an app for your iPhone and Computer to effortlessly access the store and registers all your purchases.

Google Music

The website offer more than 13 million tracks and allows you to download DRM-free 320kbps mp3 files, as opposed to the standard 256kbps files on other music stores. For all android devices, Google music app comes pre-installed on the devices and seamlessly synchronized with your Google Music account.


Rhapsody is similar to Napster and contains more than 16 million DRM-free tracks across various genres. The website also offers an innovative Channel feature which allows you to tune into Radio stations, most of which are free. The store has an affordable membership fee and is an ideal place to buy music online.


eMusic consists more than 17 million tracks on offer. It is a membership-based service which has affordable membership fee. You can get a large library of DRM-free tracks across most genres in this website. This service website is however not available through the world. It is only available in a few countries.

These are some of the most popular online music store where you can get any type of music that you are looking for. Instead of spending so much time looking browsing through the internet to look for the song that you love, access one of these music stores and enjoy shopping for tracks from your best artist. The price of music in these music stores is cheap thus you can spend less purchasing many tracks that you love.

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