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Top Ranking Horror Movies

If you love to get sacred and you are looking for spine tingling movie. Forget the vampires, zombies, the eerie, whispering warnings to you in the dark and ghosts in ghost movies that are said to be the best, try out some of the horror movies below and you are assured of getting the thrill of your lifetime.

To give you an idea of what is contained in some of the top ranking horror movies; here is a set of the top rated horror movies.


Alien is a horror movie that features a ship that lands on a planet in a rescue mission. The crew finds an abandoned ship nobody aboard. During the search for any survivors, they find some alien form they have not come across before. The crew has to escape before the aliens hatch. Watching this movie makes you feel as if you are amongst the crew and you have to look for a way out to escape from the aliens.

After Life

After life movie creates a mixed feeling of fear and sorrow. The movie leaves you thinking and wondering what really happens after death. The movie involves Anna Taylor (Christina Ricci) a teacher who after a deadly car accident wakes in a funeral parlor wanting to go home, but the funeral director tells her she’s dead. The funeral director has a supernatural ability to communicate and assist the dead transition to the next world of the dead. Anna Taylor is between life and death when her grief stricken boyfriend gets word of her status by a child who claims to have seen her; he begins a race against time to save her.

Room 1408

This movie is based on a story by Stephen King and involves a writer and paranormal investigator Mike Enslin who is determined to challenge the haunting stories of room 1408 at the Dolphin Hotel by personally staying as a guest in the room. The hotel manager warns him about the room and offers him another, but Enslin needs to write another book about haunting.

A Nightmare on Elm Street

The movie features Nancy Thompson who is having horrible nightmares. Her friends are all having the same nightmare about a guy with a razor glove. Freddy Krueger who is a child murderer has returned from the dead to haunt the dreams of the teens whose parents burned him alive.

The four are some of the most thrilling top ranking horror movies that are worth watching. It is important to note that some of these movies should not be watched by children below the age of 13 years. The movies can be ideal for a Halloween evening. Surprise your guests with one of the above horror movies so as not only to ensure that they are entertained but to also make sure they have a thrilling Halloween evening. There are numerous of other great horror movies that have been release and some that are yet to be released which are more scarcely and thrilling.

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