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Top 6 Free Racing Computer Games

Gaming is a great hobby that can be addictive. Racing computer games are some of the most popular and interesting computer games. Racing games gives you an opportunity to reach speeds that you would not reach in real life roads. Game developers have come up with different types of racing computer games that poses different challenges for gamers to solve. The games can be free while some can be premium.  Anyone looking for thrill can try out some of the great free racing computer games.
The Best Free Racing Computer Games

There are many free racing computer games available in the market today. If you are new to racing computer games and you are looking for some of the best free racing computer games.

Need for Speed rivals

The need for speed rivals racing computer game is an ideal game for street racing enthusiasts. The game is characterized by competitive driving with other drivers. This makes the game not just exciting but also thrilling. The game involves street racing which is illegal thus the players have to race while keeping an eye out for the police. You are required to compete with other drivers at the same time ensure that you do not get caught.

Formula 1 game

The formula 1 game is based on the premier racing event in the world. Formula 1 game developers have tried to imitate the popular race cars, tracks and the characters. The players are required to a car of their choice then go through a number of challenges and finish within the shortest time possible.

Split Second

Unlike most racing games that do not have a storyline and all that the players have to do is win the race to win the game, Split second has a storyline which the player is expected to know. This game is ideal for adrenaline junkies looking for thrill. This is due to its fast and dynamic nature.

Dolphinity Racer

Driving a car in Dolphinity racer game feels like driving a real car. This is because the car can easily swerve out of control thus you have to be careful. The game incorporates painstakingly realistic physics and does not have installer.

Moto GP games

The Moto GP games involve racing on a two-wheeler. The free computer racing game allows gamers to race on very fast motor bikes so as to be the first at the finish line. The game also involves several challenges and levels that the individual has to complete successfully in order to win the game.

Driving Speed 2

Driving speed 2 game is another interesting racing computer game that you can download for free. Just like in Dolphinity racer, you need to be careful since your car can still easily drift and spin out of control. In the even that your car rubs up against the sidewall as you race, you will see sparks fly and your car will collect dents as you knock into walls and other cars. The only challenge associated with this game is that you can not play in full-screen mode since the graphics may look stretched and pixilated.

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