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Top 5 Open Source Games

Open source games are games whose source code is open-source. Some of the open source games contain free content and are thus referred to as free games. The open source technology allows independent game developers to create their own games and release them to the market without having to purchase software development kit (SDK) to create games. This has resulted into the availability of numerous free-to-play and affordable games in the mobile market today. The availability of many open source games makes it hard for you to be able to identify some of the best games. If you are new to gaming and you are looking for great open source games, here are some open source games that you can enjoy to play on your iPad, tablet or your Smartphone.

Open Source Games

Open source games are divided into different categories depending on their nature. Some of the most popular open source games are in the racing games category. Here are some of the best open source games that you can try out.


This game is intended to use real world cars and tracks. It has nice graphics, 45 real tracks, 39 real vehicles and atmospheric sounds and is a competitive racing game. The game has been under serious development to improve it and make it a modern game that is more competitive. This game is however great and interesting game to play.

Version 2.0

It is one of the most competitive open source racing games. The game is characterized by nice engine sounds, weather conditions, a great selection of car skins and optically enhanced tracks. The game also allows you to play a “Career Mode” where you can compete with different car classes in multiple seasons on randomly selected tracks. This makes the game even more interesting.

Stunt Rally

The stunt rally open source game provides the players with great graphics and offers you grass, mud, tarmac, water, bumps, cliffs, 4WD, FWD, jeeps and racing cars amongst other great features that are not available in most open source racing games.

Nexuiz, Xonotic

Nexuiz, Xonotic is another interesting open source game in Linux gaming that features crude gameplay characteristics of Nexuiz.


Xonotic open source game offers all the classic game modes found on most FPS games. The game is fast and intense. To be able to play this game, you need to master speed and accuracy.

These are a few of the best open source games that you can get in the market. If you are able to master and understand the rules of the games, you can be assured of enjoying playing any of the above games. Open source game developers are coming up with other open source games to be able to stand out as the best open source game developer in the market. It is therefore possible for you to get new open source games that may be more competitive and faster. You therefore need to be open minded while looking for a great open source game. The best way to be able to identify a great open source game is by checking out the feedback given by other users or players who have played the game.

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