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How to handle an iPad that has Fallen in Water

Your iPad may be the most important device that not only makes it easy to communicate with other people but is also a good source of entertainment. Losing your iPad or your iPad becoming defective can result to lose of important contacts and information contained in the device. It is therefore important for you to take good care of your iPad so as to avoid lose or any form of destruction. Accidents and misfortunes can happen despite taking good care of your iPad. Your iPad falling in water is one of the most common incidents that can result into the destruction of the device. When this incident occurs, there are several things that you can do to redeem your iPad and get the device to start working.

What to do When your iPad Drops in Water

When your ipad drops in water, pull it out of water immediately. There are several ways in which you can dry and restore your ipad to start working as usual. Here are some of the things that you should do when your iPad drops in water.

Put it in a Bowl of Uncooked Rice

Placing your iPad in a bowl of uncooked rice helps to dry the iPad and help it work as usual. After you have removed the iPad in water, place it inside a bowl full of rice and allow it to stay there for sometime. Rice absorbs all the water inside the iPad and leaves it in a better position to recover.

Use Gel Packets

Other than dipping your iPad in a bowl of rice to dry it, you can use silica gel packets and room temperature. Stuff the gel packets in a container and put your iPad inside the container. Let the iPad remain in the container for a while. The amount of time the iPad should stay in the container is dependent on how long the iPad has stayed in water. If you removed the device from water immediately, it may take shorter time for it to dry completely.

Many people tend to make a mistake by using a blow drier to evaporate the water in the device so as to dry the device. Using heat to dry your device might cause more harm than do you good. The heat produced by the blow drier not only dries the water but also melts the solder holding different components in your iPad thus causing more damage to the device. Instead of using heat to dry the device, use rice or gel packets to dry your iPad.

Avoid Touching the Power Button

After you have removed your iPad in water, avoid touching the power button of the device as it may cause some short circuit which will lead to the destruction of the device. Drying all the water inside the device will take time and it is unwise for you to just dry the device outside and try to switch it on.

Most devices that fall in water and are placed in rice or in gel packets are more likely to start working as usual. Placing the iPad in rice or placing it in a container of gel packets are the most ideal ways in which you can dry and restore your iPad after it has fallen in water.

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