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How to put eBooks in an iPad

Having your favorite books on your iPad makes it easier for you to access and read the books everywhere you go. Different eBooks are available in different websites online. These eBooks come in different formats depending on the books and the book genre you want on your iPad. There are several ways in which you can put eBooks in an iPad. Here are some of the ways in which you can put eBooks in an iPad.

Kindle Format

Kindle eBook format is mostly supported by most Amazon products. Kindles have book reader app available for the iPad that can be gotten from an App Store. To download the Kindle app, navigate to the iTunes Store and search for Kindle then download the Kindle app. Purchase a Kindle-formatted book from Amazon. A popout menu will appear, and from there choose Kindle Books option then go to “Manage My Kindle” so as to access  the Kindle books you have purchased. Click on the Actions button and select ‘Deliver to my…’ menu and choose iPad then click on the Deliver button.

ePub Format

The ePub format is an open format that is supported by Apple iBook and several other electronic book sellers. To put eBooks in your iPad using the ePub format, navigate to iBooks in your iPad if you already have it. If you do not have it in your iPad, download it from the App Store. Browse through the iBook store to look for a book that you would want to be in your iPad. Click on the ‘Buy Book’ button to purchase the book. Fill in all the required information and click on the ‘OK’ button. The eBook will be downloaded and you will be taken back to your iBook library.

PDF Format

The Safari Apple internet browser is the most ideal browser to use when you want to read or transfer eBooks that are in PDF format to iBooks in your iPad. Navigate to the PDF eBook that you wish to read and tap on the page. From the options that will appear, choose the option to open the PDF in iBooks or any other reader that you wish to use to open your eBook. The book will be downloaded and will directly open in iBooks. Whenever you want to open the book, you will be given the option to open your PDF in any compatible PDF reader available.

ITunes Books

ITunes books are easier to put in an iPad since they are both products of the Apple Company and are thus easy to synchronize. Visit the iTunes Store and browse the store for your desired books. Once you have found the book that you wish to have in your iPad, click on the price then click on the “Buy Book” button to purchase the book. The book will be downloaded and when the download is done, set up iTunes to transfer your book to the iPad. Navigate to iTunes and click Books. Check the “Sync Books” checkbox at the top and select “All books,” or “Selected books”. Choosing “Selected books, enable you to choose which books you want transferred to your iPad. Either of the above methods can help you put eBooks in your iPad.

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